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Welcome to IVAO legislative work group (LWG)

The place where IVAO effective members can work together on projects

Right now in LWG 2 Article.

List of members

BoG election changes

temp projects


Information about BoG election procedure changes you can find here.

The discussion abut [election procedure you can find here].

Planned projects in nearest future:

The Commissioner service

Authorized members by General Assembly to work in special fields ( Commissioner of Members Rights, Commissioner of SofDev issues, Commissioner of advertisement issues, etc...) with roles and authority identified by GA.
Mentioned by Andrii B. ( )

Division HQ Election

Establish a democratic process to permit to our adjoined members to elect their division HQs/HQ staffs.
Mentioned by Thomas H. ( )

Database of ex-staff members

list of ex-staff members which we can propose to appoint for the staff positions in foreign small divisions.
Mentioned by Andrii B. ( )

Renewed partnership logic with Virtual Airlines

VA is the most massive type of partnerships in the network.
Develop the main principle of our relationship with these organizations have to be based on mutual benefit.
Mentioned by Andrii B. ( )

Getting started